Why New Jersey Baseball Academy

Established to serve students for whom baseball brings to life the best version of themselves. New Jersey Baseball Academy delivers an experience that aspiring athletes and their families can not overlook.

NJBA fosters a culture where student-athletes stay focused on individual development, accomplishments are celebrated, and teammates take pride in each others’ success. Character building is at our core. Positive peer relationships are cultivated. We offer a better alternative to out-of-date school systems.

We believe that all students are unique, learn differently, and have various motivations. We attend to the fact that most students are prepared to leap forward in one subject, but require additional time and resources in another.


Envision a school where your son sits at the head of the class, the teacher calls on him for every answer, class doesn’t dismiss until he grasps the concepts being taught, and he can realize his true potential…welcome to our Blended Learning model at New Jersey Baseball Academy!

Schools and students alike are finding that Blended Learning produces the best outcomes by combining 21st century technology with face-face teaching. The academic lessons are much more engaging and interactions more fulfilling.

We are proud of our highly qualified and experienced educators. Your son’s teachers have the skills and training to effectively guide his academic career. Our educators have a track record of proven outcomes and they hold advanced degrees and credentials in their academic areas.

Our academic partner; Acellus Academy strives to meet the highest standards of excellence and is proudly accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This accreditation ensures students receive reciprocity of credits, course and grade-level placements, and transcripts are recognized by schools and universities worldwide.

NJBA dedicates the majority of the school day to academic work. Sometimes, leaving students with approximately 30-90 minutes of homework.


More than 3 million kids play youth level baseball in the United States…500,000 play high school baseball across the country…less than 15,000 make the team in New Jersey…the days of grabbing a glove out of the closet just in time for tryouts are long gone.

We provide an unmatched “D1 baseball” experience where all of the elements that ensure student-athlete success are in place; academic programming and support, professional coaching staff, top notch facilities, Major League type training tools and practices, and an abundance of resources to enhance every aspect of overall performance and wellness.

Your son will be treated and train like a Big Leaguer; more importantly he will feel like a Big Leaguer; our goal is that one day he will be a Major League player.

Each player’s daily schedule includes:

  • Speed, Strength, & Mobility Training with a Performance Coach
  • Velocity Development Throwing Program
  • 1 on 1 Practice Session that centers on each player’s Individual Development Plan
  • Specific Defensive Position Session
  • Batting Session
  • Pitching Session (Pitchers only)
  • Team Practice – Game Situations