Multi Sport Athlete

NJBA more than encourages the multi-sport athlete…our daily schedule provides for it. There is an undeniable benefit to having a diversified skill set. We realize that the likelihood of being a varsity athlete in multiple sports is low, but the opportunity to participate for as long as possible is important.

What if my child only wants to play baseball?
While there may be some debate regarding the specialization model, we cannot ignore the fact that most countries around the world only play one sport. Soccer is a prime example. Caribbean and Latin American countries prefer specialization and they are developing some of the world’s best baseball players.

When specialization is portrayed negatively, it suggests these athletes are competing in games year-round. The art of specialization is a well thought out periodization plan that balances training v. competing. A key to keeping specialized baseball players safe is regulating throwing and rotational load.

  • 70% of NCAA I athletes began specializing in one sport after the age of 12.
  • 40% of NCAA baseball players specialize before age 12.