Students We Serve

New Jersey Baseball Academy was founded to serve student-athletes who seek a forward-thinking educational approach with a passion for sport and a future in the game.

Today, many families are choosing non-traditional education options for their children for a wide variety of reasons. Students who enroll are looking for a personalized approach that fits their learning style, flexible scheduling, and a social and physical environment that is conducive to true learning.

Our partnership with Acellus Academy, groups our students with a diverse population located throughout the United States, some international regions, and from nearly all walks of life. Their student body commonly includes athletes and performers who need a flexible schedule while pursuing their passion.

Accelerated learners with a strong academic skill set will thrive in our environment where they are regularly challenged to realize their full potential. Course and curriculum options are designed to challenge students to discover, explore, and grow. Because our courses are asynchronous, students are able to work ahead in particular subjects or take additional time in other less familiar courses if needed. This sense of ownership over their own education helps accelerated learners gain valuable experience in taking responsibility and creating their own goals. Students who are already independent learners thrive with the opportunity to move at their own pace.

Struggling students who may have challenges due to poor school environments, special needs, learning disabilities, and other unique circumstances are likely to find motivation through baseball participation and an academic pace and resources that are proven to enable success.

We have assembled an expert staff and created an ideal environment for your son to learn, train, and mature.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

New Jersey Baseball Academy does not discriminate, exclude from participation, or deny the benefits of any program or activity for which New Jersey Baseball Academy is responsible on the basis of race, color, religious preference, or national origin.