Performance Analytics & Technology

NJBA implements several technologies to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

Biomechanical analysis includes the use of wearable technology and high speed cameras. This information will allow players to reduce the risk of injury while improving performance.

Performance Analytics is an intuitive, easy way to collect, analyze and learn from your data and then apply that learning to make informed decisions. Major League Baseball players have embraced the analytics revolution because they believe it helps them improve their performance.

NJBA coaches and players will have daily access to the same innovative technologies utilized by MLB teams.

#1 Pitch Design Tool in Baseball

Improve pitch tunneling and pitch design with real-time ball flight metrics and release data.

One of the most important pitch analytics, Spin Rate is provided along with Peak and Across-the-Plate velocity.


motusBASEBALL™ tracks throwing arm workload to help athletes improve readiness and optimize performance. Training safely and building up your tolerance to workload will allow you to perform your best, and more importantly, significantly reduce the risk of a serious arm injury.


The industry’s most accurate swing analyzer, integrated with automatic assessments, insights, player – coach communication and information / player management tools. Blast Baseball combines sensor-based swing analysis with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you train smarter and get better.

Crossover Symmetry

Protect your arm and increase velocity with the medically designed Arm Care System. Used by over half of MLB organizations.

Eliminate Arm Pain

The Pain and Rehab section includes our proven 4-step process to end your arm pain.

Protect Your Arm

Using Crossover Symmetry as a proactive tool is the smartest path to arm health and performance.

Increase Velocity

A healthy arm is a high performance arm. Use Crossover Symmetry to increase speed, power and strength.