Baseball Training

Talent is not a gift through genetics, but acquisition through effort. Baseball coaches and scouts are assigned to find talent; not by looking at the beginning but at the end of a process. Talent emerges as a result of connecting athletes to experienced coaches who can deliver proven training methods.

This is a precarious time in any baseball players’ career. Transition to the full-sized field is a major challenge; competition for roster spots is becoming more intense; making sense of new training methods and validating the coaching gurus can be a daunting task.

Coach Valli and his collegiate/professional level staff employ modern and traditional “evidence-based” coaching techniques that are proven to elevate players to reach their maximum potential.

Baseball training will adapt to every player’s unique traits. Performance measurements will be collected periodically using state of the art equipment to identify strengths and weaknesses. A carefully sequenced individualized plan will be set in motion. Our team will train using the techniques and best practices most commonly found at the highest levels of collegiate and professional baseball.

Players will have regular interaction with NCAA and MLB coaches, players, and scouts. Private tours of college campuses and MLB stadiums are among the many unmatched opportunities we provide. An international competition tour is planned for Spring Break 2022.