Parent Experience

The role of the parent, is similar to that of having a child in a traditional school.

Parents contribute to their son’s learning experience by ensuring continuity in the learning process and advocating for their child. We encourage being present and available as much as possible, showing an interest, asking questions, and communicating frequently with coaches and teachers.

The enhanced benefit of NJBA includes continuous communication with our on-site educators and 24/7 access to detailed progress reports. The student dashboard shows grades and teacher feedback on each individual lesson completed. Baseball performance will be tracked and celebrated when milestones are attained.

You and your son will have help to enjoy a great start, get assistance with each transition, and receive ongoing support. We appreciate that you are choosing the path less traveled and investing in your son’s future; we are confident that outcomes will exceed expectations.

Set Goals and Monitor Student Progress

Monitoring Goals

For each course, parents may view their student’s status in meeting weekly progress goals, which help students to stay on-track.

Score Reports

Parents may select any course and see a detailed report of each lesson that the student has worked in. These reports include time-stamps and allow the parent to view each problem presented to the student.

Live Monitor

The Live Monitor tool allows parents to watch student progress in real-time. Color-coded flags indicate when a student is struggling and may need assistance.

The Acellus App

Using the Acellus App, you can securely sign in as a parent from all your devices. This makes it easy to stay on top of your student’s work, no matter where you are.